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Organique Productions is the story of a passion, you'll soon understand, that of music. Self-taught musician and producer for about fifteen years, after having set up several groups and played in various musical groups, I was particularly interested in music scoring.

In this way, in April 2019, I started to write my last project, titled 4074 , still under progress.

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Bérenger COLLOTTE - Composer / Producer and Founder of Organique Productions


February 2021 - 4074 - Season 1 / Episode 2 - "A nice little totem for my bedside table"

4074 As always, plug in your best headphones, your home theater, it will only get better, and dive deeper into this story ! It's only the beginning of serious things !

June 2020 - 4074 - Season 1 / Episode 1 - "Everything has a beginning"

4074 is a real complete audiovisual challenge. I indeed wanted, through this project, to take in hand all the steps the production of a series, writing, drawing, composing the soundtrack, narration, recording, mixing, mastering, directing, video editing, post-production, etc ...

4074 is thus a post-apocalyptic series based on a static graphic environment. Each episode representing a piece of history with a soundtrack present from start to finish.

Set off to explore this new adventure, plug in your best headphones, your home theater, it will only get better, and dive into this new unknown world.

Synopsis : We are in 4074 and mankind on earth is at the end of its life. For hundreds of years, life on earth has come down to life underground. The outside environment was colonized by machines, called Autonomous Organisms and Ecorcheurs, representing formerly human hungry monsters whose genetics have totally degenerated for several millennia, resulting from the dark fate they suffered initially and making them particularly dangerous.
On the other hand, Autonomous Organisms, fruit of the culmination of research on artificial intelligence conducted once by human beings, continue to exploit again and again the various resources that it can remain on the planet earth and develop in an autonomous and organized society, pushing ever more, like their creators, the limits of their evolution.

This story is about Elgar. The latter lives in the heart of a survival complex dug there are several hundreds of years and originally operated as a drilling complex by humans until the fall. Elgar has been under close surveillance since birth as a key to the last hope of humanity. Having acquired too much knowledge and morally exhausted from being cloistered underground in addition to live daily on the borders of captivity, with a so-called normal life and a fatal plan on the horizon, as a guinea pig at best, the time that one finds a means of exploiting his blood, dead otherwise, sees operating in him the awakening of the beast. Each day is now one day too many, he decides to find a way to get out of the complex, realizing he has nothing better to do than try to stop waiting for death.

But for what other life? What other life for the last known living being to carry in its veins the burden of the blood of men of the old world? Is there still a tiny ray of hope?

July 2019 - Release of the first Descendance album entitled "Jagana"

Descendance is a French metal band that I created in 2016 in Toulouse ! Composition, recording, mixing, mastering, everything was done at the Organique Productions studio.

To go deeper: The sound has been worked to be in a dynamics of power and punch, the chords are aggressive, the drum does not have much of rest time and the whole project is wrapped in an orchestration symphonic light to open and lighten this ball of rather violent musical energy.
On the Mastering side, I took the gamble to achieve it voluntarily quite light, especially in terms of decibels level, in order to distort the frequencies of the album as little as possible (by not crushing the frequencies).
So push the sound to your liking to discover the hidden wealth of this album !

March 2019 - Soundtrack of the medium-length film "Fallait Pas Insister"

Fallait Pas Insister is is the story of a zombie, in a quarantine area filled with zombies, around and inside a nightclub full of zombies where we drink cocktails based on a brain mixture !

It's a medium length movie, and it's done for and in collaboration with Oktoprod !

To go deeper: In a little more technical detail, the subject taking place in the heart of a nightclub filled with zombies, the compositions are clearly turned around a Rock / Metal environment with low frequencies deliberately very rich (sometimes at the limit of indescence) and high frequencies valued to bring out the warmth of a nightclub filled with spoiled meat!
Of course, when you have the decaying brain, it was necessary to reach limit of consciousness...!

December 2017 - Nemesis clip coming from Descendance band

Realization of a clip in collaboration with Oktoprod .
Organique Productions took care of the recording, mixing and mastering process of this title.

To go deeper: This clip represents one of the first tracks of the upcoming album of the band Descendance entitled Jagana.

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